Hello Everyone!

You are invited to the world of Crave 4 Social. Oh, by  the way, I’m Bettina, but feel free to call me Tina (almost everyone calls me that anyway!)

Why do I call my blogsite Crave 4 Social? Well, this name can go a long way, as in being interpreted from many different angles–in this case–self-improvement and the motivational angles.

The reason for the self-improvement and motivational angles: because everyone needs some type of motivation, whether it is becoming more successful with your life or you want to become proactive with exercise, or anything else in between.

There’s always room for self-improvement and motivation, regardless of who you are, what you do, or what your present and future plans are.

With that said, welcome to the Crave 4 Social site! 

The motivation shall begin!……………….